Wednesday, 27 August 2008

More Dot Points

4 things about this week:

** Maybe there is something to faith! Apropos of the previous post, this week actually does have a Spring feeling to it with some sun, some warmth and the aroma of Spring in the air.

** While working at the nursing home last night I had to park on the road. Somebody swiped my side mirror and broke it. They did clean it up so there was no glass on the road, but my mirror is still broken and I fear will cost a fair bit to replace. It's also VERY inconvenient, even unsafe, driving without a side mirror on the driver's side.

** I'm doing a project at work at the moment. It's my whole working life, but is a small blimp on the occupational radar of others that I work with and need information from. I feel I am constantly asking and nagging for information and for things to be done so I can progress with the project. This doesn't come naturally to me. I am way outside my comfort zone.

** Son is having an interview at a local supermarket for some work tomorrow. He's growing up!!

Monday, 18 August 2008


For me, my first sighting of Jasmine indicates that Spring is just around the corner. I saw my first sighting this morning! hhmmm...I guess I'll have to take it on faith. It still feels like we're in the depth of winter.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Dot Points

I've tried doing a proper blog post in the past few days, but feeling very uninspired. Maybe this is to do with my ambivalence about maintaining the blog. Anyway, I thought I'd borrow an idea from The Other Andrew and do a '5 Things About'
So.... 5 things about this week:

*I returned from holiday at the beginning of the week from the northern climes of this great country - and now I'm cold!

*I went to yoga last night for the first time in many weeks. I'm surprised I wasn't sorer than I am today.

*Son has now surpassed me in height. He is pumped!

*There is a cafe near me called 'That Cafe'. I reckon you could do a 'Whose On First' routine around that name.

OK - that was only 4!