Friday, 25 April 2008


It can be a funny experience checking out the subject matter of the spam that comes through our filter at work. The other day one was entitled 'Can angles have sex with humans?'

Monday, 21 April 2008

A wandering mind

I was soooo not into being at yoga tonight. The instructor on Monday nights talks too much for my liking and tonight I found it VERY annoying. So very early on it was only a physical experience for me, with little thinking about what I was doing. Hence my mind wandered as it is wont to do.

One of the problems I have when sitting in a cross legged position, is maintaining a straight back. It was a bit uncomfortable tonight and I started thinking
... what would an osteopath do for my back. This reminded me of having drinks with a couple of friends a few weeks ago where the osteopath of one friend came into the wine bar and engaged quite a bit (and unprofessionally we all decided) with said friend. This friend has seen him at one of the gay friendly medical practices in Melbourne. This got me to thinking how difficult it would be for a gay doctor working in a gay friendly practice to be active in the gay scene and not frequently come across their patients.

.....How did I get on to this? Oh yes, my sore back....oh well at least it made me forget about it for awhile. Actually I also forgot I was in a yoga class, so I blinked my eyes open to find everyone else doing something totally different from me!

It was one of those nights!

Saturday, 12 April 2008

What the........

I often find my weirdest dreams are short, sharp ones that occur just before I wake up, when I sometimes think I'm semi-conscious.
The other morning I had one about a new health kick that involved drinking your pubic hair!
What was going on in my sub-conscious?!?!??!

Chocolate and Zucchini

The other night I had some zucchini I wanted to use, so came across a zucchini and chocolate cake recipe. I've since discovered chocolate and zucchini is a big industry - there's even a blog!!
I took it to work yesterday. No-one could taste the 'secret' ingredient. I guess zucchini doesn't have much of a taste. The texture was different though.
Son said he didn't like it - but I think that was just on principle!
A good way to increase your veggie intake!!

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Vicarious Travel

With all the protests lately in support of Tibet, son and I were talking about the country and he asked where Tibet is. He immediately regretted this as my natural response was "Let's get the atlas". He outwardly groans when this happens because I can spend hours pouring over the atlas. It's how I do my travel! My imagination goes wild as I plan intineries for myself, taking note of out of the way places as well as more well known cities.
I could say I am well travelled, which is true. The vast majority of it however, was done before the age of 5 when my family lived overseas. My adult travel has been restricted to the U.K., Italy and Hong Kong.
Despite my love of travel, it always seems to be something I will do 'in the future'. The future has been and gone and is always with us as well as ahead of us. Maybe I need to grasp the 'always with us' definition.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

People vs Computers

Due to the storms here in Melbourne last Wednesday, many people have been without power and telephone lines for a number of days now. My parents have been one of those with no phone access for nearly 72 hours. They are with Optus and so I have been ringing Optus for them for updates on how the reconnection is going. Each time I have rung I have been confronted with the automated voice activated programme, requiring me to speak a word or short sentence in response to questions. Nine times out of ten I am not understood, despite my deliberate enunciation of words. It got to the point where I just ended up saying 'Blah, blah, blah', as I knew that that would get me speaking to a real person much sooner!
Apart from the first time I rang, when I was in the presence of my mother, it has been a most relevant opportunity for cursing as a release of frustration (apropos of a recent blog entry). I would far rather press numbers on the keypad than speak to a machine. Why do they feel a need to anthropomorphise (my computer's not underlined this to tell me it's not a word!!) machinery? Do they have evidence to show that this is more efficient than other methods of getting to speak to a real person?
Maybe I'm just getting old!!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008


I came home from yoga last night and son was watching the premier of the new show Power of Ten. It's a quiz show where contestants have to guess the percentage of Australians that answered a question a certain way in what was obviously a very dubious poll. One question was "How many Australians had their first pash before the age of 10?" Yes, the questions are of that calibre!!! I can't remember the result, but it was quite high. The presenter, Steve Jacobs, asked the guy who got closest to the right answer when he had his first pash. The guy responded '9 3/4'. Steve Jacobs then said, 'I hope you didn't go to an all boys school!'

Am I being oversensitive in finding this offensive, in thinking that we've got a long way to go before homosexuality is seen as not deviant? What does such a comment say to the kids out there who do have a crush on their same sex friends at school? Is this a form of homophobia?
I'm surprised by the intensity of my response. I might even write a letter to the paper!!