Friday, 18 June 2010

What constitutes cognitive decline?

My dear old Mum is heading down the path of dementia, although she hasn't been given that diagnosis, and won't until she has to enter the 'aged care system' in some way. That won't happen for a while I suspect while Dad, her loving, fit, healthy and younger husband, manages her care as well as he is able, which at the moment, is very well.
Lack of orientation to time is Mum's most obvious symptom of her cognitive decline. I dropped in on them on Wednesday after an exam (the second last for this course - yippeeeeeee!!!). I told them where I had been and Mum said: 'They have exams on a Sunday?' 'Today's not Sunday Mum', I replied, 'Today is......todaaaay is....' It took me a few moments to work it out. My first suggestion was Tuesday, before getting it right.
Hhhhhmmmm.....who has the problem??


FletcherBeaver said...

It's very hard.

Adaptive Radiation said...

It musn't be too bad if you actually remembered to make it to the actual exam.

Victor said...

It's only when you don't realise that you have forgotten something that it becomes a problem.

Good luck with your Mum, from one who has been there. :-)