Wednesday, 3 March 2010

A Rude Picture of Health

I went to my local doctor for my results last week and they are surprisingly good. My cholesterol and glucose readings are very good. My stress test showed a remarkably in shape heart. I'm functioning at 135% according to the Bruce Protocol, which basically means my cardiovascular system is younger than the rest of me!! Maybe I don't need to worry about this whole exercise thing after all.......only kidding!!!

So I now need to get into some routine. The academic year started here this week (yay!! my last year!!) so by the end of this week I will know my weekly routine and so will attempt to place exercise into it. Despite saying I want to do this without joining a gym, I might succumb to 'spin classes'. A friend wants to do them and is looking for someone to join her, so I shouldn't pass up the opportunity to exercise with someone else, as this is the way I'm more likely to stick with it. It won't be joining a gym as such, just using some of their facilities.

I'm back at yoga as well, with last night being my second consecutive week, so I'm trying to vary my exercise - not that yoga has that much of an affect on the cardiovascular system.

So maybe I'm using this planning and preparation as an excuse for not really getting into it in a major way, but I reckon I'm more likely to stick at it this way.

Time will tell!

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Victor said...

I broke into a sweat just reading about your planned activity.